How to run a sale on Etsy

1 déc. 2023

This image depicts a blog post that highlights the benefits of running a promotional campaign in your Etsy shop to existing customers and provides a step-by-step guide with personal information.
This image depicts a blog post that highlights the benefits of running a promotional campaign in your Etsy shop to existing customers and provides a step-by-step guide with personal information.

Introduction on how to run a sale on Etsy

With millions of customers worldwide, Etsy offers the opportunity to generate solid and consistent passive income. But let's be realistic: with so many sellers on Etsy, standing out can be challenging. That's why in this article, I want to share my experience on how to organize a promotion on Etsy and how to benefit from it. Trust me, it can really boost your sales!

Why run a sale on Etsy?

Sale on Etsy always works

If you have experience in business, you probably know what I'm going to talk about. When you sell a product, you encounter different types of customers. Some are drawn to a product for the sense of belonging to the brand and the feeling of being part of a community. Others are attracted to innovative and unique products. And then there are those who care more about the values associated with a product, such as its ethical character. But one of the most important customer groups is the one sensitive to prices. Whether your prices are high or low, offering a promotion will naturally catch the attention of these customers always looking for a good deal.

This creates a sense of urgency.

When you run a promotion on Etsy, there's an interesting feature that can encourage potential customers to make a purchase: the countdown. It shows how many hours and minutes are left until the end of the promotion, visible next to the product titles and on the main shop page, creating a sense of urgency. So, if there are only 2 hours left, it can motivate the most impatient buyers to make a purchase immediately.

How to run a sale on Etsy?

Create the promotion

If you want to offer discounts to your customers on Etsy, you have two options: organize a sale or share a promo code. Let's see how to set up both methods. It's very simple. To start a sale, just go to the "Marketing" section and click on "Sales and Coupons". From there, click on the "Create a Sale" button.

This image represents the sales page of Etsy sellers. When creating your sale on Etsy, don't forget to factor in Etsy payment processing fees, transaction fee, Etsy ads, or craft supplies in your price to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

You can then enter the desired discount percentage, choose the start and end dates of your sale, select the products you want to include, specify the location, and even set the quantity of items required for purchase. It is also possible to run multiple sales simultaneously.

Create a discount code

Now, if you want to create a promotional code, simply follow the same steps as before, but this time, instead of clicking on "Organize a promotion," choose "Create a promo code." Fill in the necessary details in the respective fields, and you're ready to go. Promotional codes can be a great way for buyers to purchase multiple items from you, even though personally, I don't use them very often.

How to set up an automatic follow-up campaign

How to set up an automatic follow-up campaign

On Etsy, you have an option to configure automatic tracking managed by the platform. These follow-ups can be very valuable if you use them correctly, as they can increase your sales.

This image shows all the Etsy payments I received in my bank account from running a sale in my Etsy store. You can see the same results in your shop manager.

Abandoned cart

Let me give you an example: For tracking abandoned carts, you can set it up to offer a slightly higher discount compared to your other promotions. So, if you're running a 20% discount, you can implement this follow-up campaign at 25% to persuade hesitant buyers. When someone adds your product to their cart but doesn't complete the purchase, Etsy will send them a notification and an email to remind them. They'll include your promotional code to encourage the buyer to reconsider and make the purchase. Sometimes, even if the buyer wasn't sure initially, a better discount can be a deciding factor.

Promo Code for Favorites

Implementing a promo code for users who have favorited your products can help you capture hesitant buyers and boost your sales. My suggestion: instead of setting a higher percentage, make it equal to the current promotion. The aim of this promotion is to serve as a gentle reminder to the customer. While you could set a promo code higher than the initial one, if customers grasp your system, they might just favorite all desired items and wait for the extra promotion.

Thank you code

On Etsy, I have the pleasure of many loyal customers who don't hesitate to come back and buy new products. These loyal customers not only make repeat purchases but also play a crucial role in generating the majority of my sales. By simply putting a thank you code, you can further encourage their return and prompt them to make additional purchases in our shop. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to provide them with exclusive promo codes designed specifically for them.

Does running a promotion on Etsy really drive sales?

From my experience, the answer is a big yes! When you browse through Etsy, you'll come across many shops offering impressive sales with discounts of 70%, even 75%.

And... it works!

I decided to conduct a little experiment myself by organizing two sales - one at 25% off and another at 70% with the same final price.

Surprisingly, even though the final price was the same, the 70% discount offer attracted many more buyers. I conducted this experiment for about three weeks.

If you don't regularly hold sales, you might miss out on many sales. I also track abandoned carts, favorites, and a thank you code, accounting for about 5% of my total sales. It may not be a big percentage, but hey, it's certainly better than no sale.

The good part? It's such a simple and passive approach. So why not give it a try?


Organizing a promotion on Etsy can be an excellent way to increase your sales. However, it is essential to remember that a promotion does not guarantee a systematic increase in sales. You need to ensure that your product is of high quality and that your shop has positive reviews.

By following the advice above, you can increase your chances of success on Etsy and grow your Etsy shop with simple tips. There are also other ways to boost your sales, such as using Etsy ads. Even if you have offsite ads fees, it can still be an interesting option. So, don't miss this opportunity to boost your Etsy shop sales and rank higher in Etsy search!

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