10 Etsy Seller Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Store

28 nov. 2023

This image features my top 10 Etsy seller tips that I wish I knew before starting my store. These tips are designed to help new sellers and those who are having difficulty with their Etsy sales. Discover valuable insights to improve your Etsy store performance
This image features my top 10 Etsy seller tips that I wish I knew before starting my store. These tips are designed to help new sellers and those who are having difficulty with their Etsy sales. Discover valuable insights to improve your Etsy store performance


Are you struggling to sell on Etsy? Or perhaps you're considering opening your own Etsy shop but don't know where to start? I've been there too! Through my experience, I've gathered many valuable tips that I wish I had known before starting my Etsy shop.

In this article, I'll share my top 10 Etsy seller tips to help you excel in the world of online selling on Etsy. Whether it's avoiding common mistakes or implementing effective strategies, these tips will guide you toward becoming a successful Etsy seller.

Finding the right Etsy niche idea

When it comes to selling on Etsy, finding good niches is crucial for success. As a beginner, you might be tempted to follow the dominant trend and sell in popular niches like print-on-demand t-shirts.

However, as I learned from my own experience, this can often lead to disappointments and limited sales. To truly stand out and make sales on Etsy, you need to find promising niches. This is where timing comes into play. Focus on low-competition niches with demand. Take the time needed to find these ideal niches.

Because if you do, and you come across "the little gem," you'll have a great chance to benefit from your timing and become one of the top choices in that niche.

However, remember to think in terms of audience when doing your research. If you want to learn more about finding your ideal niche on Etsy, follow the link below:
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Finding the best niches is one of the most important steps for having a successful Etsy shop.

Follow Etsy's rules, otherwise...

If you are already an Etsy seller, you probably already know how important it is to follow the platform's rules. One rule that is often overlooked is using protected terms or designs in your product listings.

I learned this the hard way by using the word "Polaroid" in one of my titles. I thought it was a common noun, not a brand name, I didn't check, and I received a notice of "trademark infringement".Using a brand term without authorization can have serious consequences.

This can range from simply deactivating your product to legal action. The brand owner has every right to take legal action, leading to costly and lengthy legal battles.There are many rules to know and follow regarding Etsy, one of the strictest online selling platforms, just like Amazon. If you want to know the main rules to follow, feel free to read the article below.
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If you want to sell on Etsy, you'll need to learn all the important rules to avoid having your Etsy account banned

Take the time to set up your Etsy store

When I opened my first Etsy shop, I was eager to list my products and paid little attention to setting up my store. I neglected to write the shop policies, as well as my personal information; the visual identity of my Etsy storefront was weak, and my banner was slightly blurry.

These small errors can have a significant impact on sales. For instance, if you had to choose between two shops: one with inconsistent visual identity, no reviews, and low sales, and another with the same characteristics except for having a strong visual identity, which one would you choose?

Logically, you should choose the shop that instills confidence in you. Properly setting up your shop is therefore a crucial step to generating sales on Etsy. If you want to learn more about this, read the full article below.
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Setting up your Etsy storefront with your shop preferences, shop name, branding, bank account details, and more is one of the most important steps on Etsy. Many Etsy sellers don't take the time to do it properly and end up giving up on Etsy.

How many Etsy product listings should I list?

Having a large number of product listings on Etsy, over 200, is often suggested as an effective way to increase store sales (more quantity = more sales?).

However, this is not really the case. In my first shop, despite having 400 listed products, I only managed to make 5 sales in 3 months... In my second shop, with only 50 products listed in the first few months, I achieved 100 sales. This shows that quantity alone does not guarantee success.

To truly succeed, it is essential to ensure that your products meet demand, maintain high quality, have attractive visuals, and strong search engine optimization. Simply listing products without considering these factors will not have a significant impact on your sales. In fact, it may even signal to the Etsy algorithm that your products are not good enough to rank on the first page.

Having a greater number of products can be beneficial, but it is crucial to focus on the quality and relevance of your products. If you want to learn more about this topic, check out the article below.
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This image represents an article about how many Etsy listings you should have to succeed in selling on Etsy.

Use attractive thumbnails and visuals

When it comes to standing out and capturing potential clients' attention, two factors come into play: the price and the thumbnail. The thumbnail has a significant influence on potential buyers' decision to click or not on your product listing, even more than SEO.

Effectively presenting your product with your thumbnail is crucial. If potential customers can instantly grasp the added value of your product, they will be more inclined to click. Note that Etsy has strict rules on product representation. If you want to read the full article, follow the link below.

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Thumbnails are the first thing customers see after typing their keywords in the Etsy search. Whether you sell vintage items, handmade goods, or digital products, you'll need to have high-quality thumbnails to expect sales.

How to improve Etsy SEO for my titles

When I started writing titles for my first Etsy shop, I found myself using the word "Shirt" repeatedly in my titles. Moreover, I was not utilizing the full 140 characters available.

Now, I strive to create titles with 135 to 140 characters. I avoid repetitions and improve readability by incorporating commas. These aspects (length, avoiding keyword stuffing, and readability) are crucial for creating effective Etsy titles. Additionally, Etsy favors titles that are easy to read and understand for buyers. It is also important to remember that trends are constantly evolving, requiring us to update our SEO strategies to stay on track.

Furthermore, it is essential to consider that SEO is not the sole determinant of a product's ranking; other factors such as product quality, thumbnails, and store performance also play a significant role. If you want to learn more about writing effective titles on Etsy, follow this link.
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This image shows how to write performing titles on Etsy. Works for every products such as craft supplies, digital products, handmade items...

How to write successful Etsy tags

When it comes to using tags, it's important to follow a few rules. Here's my checklist for writing effective Etsy tags:

  • Avoid Keyword stuffing (use synonyms to prevent repetition)

  • Vary the types of keywords (format, color, specificity, occasion, etc.)

  • Never write a tag containing only one keyword

  • Try to fill the available 20 characters

You can use tools like Everbee or Sales Samurai to help you find more specific keywords.

Create promotional offers

People are naturally drawn to promotions. It's a great idea to take advantage and run as many promotions as possible.

Personally, I've seen a significant increase in my sales since I started using them. Additionally, in the marketing section, you can set up automated follow-ups for customers. For instance, you can send them promotional codes for abandoned carts, favorites, or frequent purchases, but don't forget to take into consideration your transaction fee, payment processing fees, or Etsy ads spending while creating your sale.

This feature has helped me secure many extra sales. If you'd like to read the full article on this topic, click the link below.
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This image shows a blog post about an Etsy FAQ on how to successfully run a sale on Etsy.

Use Etsy Ads for Your Bestseller

I opened my second Etsy shop in October 2022 and managed to organically rank many of my products on the first page for various keywords.

In January, I earned €2500 in monthly revenue without any Etsy advertising. However, after conversing with an experienced Etsy seller who was surprised that I wasn't promoting my best-sellers (he pointed out that I was wasting money), I followed his advice and tried Etsy ads for my top-performing products.

The results were incredible. I quickly achieved a 3.5 return on ad spend (ROAS)! Now, I use Etsy ads without any budget constraints, spending around €50 per day.

My ROAS has stabilized between 2.5 and 3! Below are my advertising results with Etsy ads over an 11-month period (since I started using them).

So if you have a bestseller, don't hesitate to use Etsy ads to significantly increase your sales. Believe me, it's definitely worth it!

Make custom orders

If you are a new seller, I strongly recommend offering custom orders. It's an effective way to generate sales and receive reviews easily. Though not a passive approach, it's probably the simplest way to start making sales. `

Additionally, when you communicate directly with customers and understand their needs, you significantly increase your chances of receiving five-star reviews if you have an excellent customer service. . This will greatly help you in your beginnings.

Create bundles

That's what allowed me to double my sales in less than a month. I have a wide range of products in my store, hundreds of product listings, and if customers were to buy them individually, it would not only cost them a lot of money but also take them a lot of time to do so (so they won't).

Therefore, to make things easier, I created a "Mega Bundle" giving them access to all the store's products. It has become my best-selling product, with an average of 3 to 4 sales per day, at a unit price of €36. I'll let you do the math, but it's one of the main reasons why I can make a living on Etsy today.

If you want to learn how to create an effective bundle on Etsy, follow the link below.
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This image represents a blog post about how to create a successful bundle and receive multiple Etsy payments through Apple Pay.


With these ten tips, you'll be well on your way to avoiding the most common mistakes and getting your first sales on Etsy. But if you want to learn more, don't hesitate to download and read my Etsy Seller Guide for free: Discover the guide here↗

As a shop manager, with consistent work and dedication, you should reach your goals and take your Etsy shop to the next level.

Thank you for taking the time to read my content! If you enjoyed it and don't want to miss any posts, feel free to follow me on Youtube or X.